Istara | P'tit Basque

Istara | P'tit Basque

This little sheep’s milk wheel from France hails from the Pyrennes Mountains, which straddle France and Spain. It's made by hand in the same method that shepherds used to make it, using leftover curds from milking their sheep. Istara's Petit Basque cheese (P’tit Basque as it is also known) has a very rich flavor, thanks to the high fat content of sheep’s milk. This French cheese wheel is aged for about 2 months, developing a semi-firm, smooth texture and a mild, accessible flavor that’s not overwhelming with lingering caramel notes.

With a mild, buttery flavor that’s sweet and nutty, much like a mild, creamier version of Manchego, Petit Basque is a good option for the cheese board, pairing well with other cheeses and cured meats. Toss some sweet fruit like berries, a few plump almonds or caramelized walnuts, and you’ve got a delicious appetizer.

Ingredients: Sheep's milk, salt, rennet, lactic starters, calcium chloride, surface coloring - caramel, annato.

Product of France

This cheese is #2 in the advent calendar box.